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За глупите

If u are able to get up in the morning, to wash your face, brush your teeth, get dress, lock the door and remember that u did it... you are not stupid. And you don’t have to think that you are stupid. Be sure that the people are laying you, especially those who are trying directly or indirectly explain to you that you are stupid. And you lie yourself if you think that you are stupid, because you need to understand those who are trying to tell you that.

If there is something that u cannot understand, if u feel mentally inferior, and if you care about the world problems you can’t be stupid because you think about this problems and you know that they exist. Never try to think that its your fault if u don’t understand something, and never try to think that the one who is talking to u is better than u. There are people who want to manipulate with you.

And when ur not sure that u’re right, hold on tight to your opinion. You can change your opinions only when you are sure that you are wrong. None of us is always right, even those you think that are the best in their specific areas – there is no such thing like “perfectly smart person”. Lets try to be realistic – perfection doesn’t exist.

You can talk about everything, u can discuss about everything and you must search for the proof... and for the truth. There are no universal truths given once for all the time. Everything must be checked.

So, at the end, be self confident. No one knows better than you do. We are all, thanks God, intelligent. Some of us more, some are less. If you don’t get anything, ask someone to explain you, even when u look funny to the others. Its better to look stupid to everyone and understand what u didn’t know, rather than to look smart, but deep down inside you are an idiot.

Don’t think you are stupid just reading this lines. You should try to understand what I’m truing to tell you. Try to see beyond words and beyond sentences. Because there is a language that is between these words.